Hit the Image Management Trifecta with Pixspan

Quality, Quantity & Speed at Your Fingertips with PixMover

Want to manage more 4K+ image files at faster transmission speeds with reduced storage needs while retaining 100% integrity of every bit per pixel? 

Introducing PixMover™ software by Pixspan. Finally, quality, quantity and speed can all be yours.

PixMover™ is a recently introduced software product that addresses the rapidly growing file sizes and frame rates now impacting cinematic and television production workflows. Rapidly growing file sizes and frame rates are a fundamental part of production workflows, and PixMover™ ensures your ability to manage them. With simple drag-and-drop features, PixMover™ makes it easy to save 50-80% on storage and networking resources. Using Pixspan's Bit Exact Round Trip™ technology, PixMover™ allows users to encode much smaller bit-exact copies of their full-resolution images and then restore them to the original image – bit for bit. 

Alt Systems has been associated with Pixspan for several years as a Systems Integrator and Reseller and is excited about what this new product offering will mean to the M&E industry and beyond. For more information, visit www.pixspan.com/hpa_2017.php to book a demo with Pixspan at the HPA Tech Retreat Innovation Zone.

2017 HPA Tech Retreat


Hyatt Regency Indian Wells February 20 – 24, 2017

Come check out PixMover™ at the Pixspan booth!