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Pro Tools is the music, film, and TV industry’s choice to compose, record, edit, and mix audio. From powerful recording and editing tools, easy loop workflows, and groundbreaking cloud collaboration, to top-notch effects and automated mixing, Pro Tools enables you to sound your best. Today’s Pro Tools has new MIDI features, tons of timesaving tools, and more flexible licensing.

ALT Systems sells, supports, and provides training for the full Avid Pro Tools line, plus Avid S-Series Mixing Consoles, NEXIS storage, Media Composer, and Media Central asset management solutions.

Pro Tools 2021.6 Now Available

Pro Tools 2021.6 is available now, and it’s more powerful than ever.

Subscribe today and you’ll be able to:

  • Record and mix bigger sessions with 256 audio tracks and 64 I/O channels—2x more than previous versions
  • Customize Dark and Classic UI themes with control over brightness and saturation
  • Run Pro Tools on Apple’s M1-based Macs

The latest Pro Tools release is packed with even more features to make your content sound better than ever before. Contact our Audio Experts to learn more.

Introducing: Pro Tools Carbon

Avid Pro Tools | Carbon is a new breed of audio interface for music production.

For artists, bands, and producers, Pro Tools | Carbon is a hybrid audio production system that features  incredible sound quality and combines the power of your native CPU with onboard HDX DSP acceleration.

Push your computer to the limit when you mix and record through AAX DSP plugins with near-zero latency monitoring. All at the touch of a button. All in Pro Tools.

With superior sound quality and intelligent software integration, Pro Tools | Carbon removes barriers to creativity, so you can bring out the best in your performance and capture it beautifully.

Which Avid Pro Tools Solution is Right For You?

Pro Tools comes with everything you need to create professional-quality music and audio. From powerful recording, MIDI, and score editing tools, to studio-staple sound processors and full mixing automation, Pro Tools makes it easy to compose, edit, and mix big productions with up to 128 audio tracks, 512 instrument tracks, and 1,024 MIDI tracks.

ALT Systems sells and supports the full Avid Nexis product line:

Pro Tools | First

Pro Tools

Pro Tools | Ultimate

Perfect For

A streamlined toolset for aspiring audio professionals and beginners

The essentials for native music and post production work by audio professionals, musicians, and sound designers

The ultimate toolset for any audio post production professional, musician, sound designer, or demanding content creator

How to Buy

A free download for anyone to use

Get a 1-year subscription and pay monthly or in full; a Pro Tools perpetual license is also available to own the software.

Contact ALT Systems Sales for More

Get a monthly or annual subscription.  Add a DigiLink I/O license to use your favorite interface.

Contact ALT Systems Sales for More

Key Features

  • 16 simultaneous voices/tracks @ 48 or 96 kHz

  • 16 MIDI tracks

  • 23 plugins

  • 3.1GB of included sounds

  • 128 simultaneous voices/tracks @ 48 kHz

  • 64 simultaneous voices/tracks @ 96 kHz

  • 32 simultaneous voices/tracks @ 192 kHz

  • 1024 MIDI tracks

  • 116 plugins

  • 5.4GB of included sounds

  • 384 simultaneous voices/tracks @ 48 kHz

  • 192 simultaneous voices/tracks @ 96 kHz

  • 96 simultaneous voices/tracks @ 192 kHz

  • 1024 MIDI tracks

  • 116 plugins

  • 5.4GB of included sounds

Available Options

Auto-Tune Pro, AvidPlay Unlimited Stereo Music Distribution, Cloud Plans, Custom Keyboards

Auto-Tune Pro, AvidPlay Unlimited Dolby Atmos Music Distribution, Custom Keyboards

As an Avid Elite Solutions Partner, the ALT Systems Sales Team is ready to help you discover Avid Pro Tools. We can also help you evaluate Avid S-Series mixing consoles, NEXIS Storage, Media Composer, and Media Central asset management.

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