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Introducing Altitude: the Media Workflow Accelerator

Altitude automates and accelerates media movement between on-premise storage, and to, from, and within the cloud

Altitude Workflow AcceleratorPowered by Pixspan PixMover™ software, Altitude is a pre-configured server that provides an easy, fast way to migrate media between on-premise NAS and SAN storage systems, and to, from and within public and private cloud storage locations.

Uploads are up to 28 times faster than manual transfers using the AWS CLI tool. IMF file transfers are even faster. High-resolution images are migrated with 100% validation that every bit is delivered, while saving 50-80% on storage and networking costs. Shorter media migration times and faster content mean greater worker productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and more time spent on the work, not waiting for it to arrive.

Altitude works with:

  • On-premise NAS and SAN storage systems
  • AWS
  • Azure Blob
  • Wasabi
  • Other S3 compatible cloud storage providers

What is Workflow Acceleration?

Moving media isn’t only about getting data from point to point in the shortest possible time… it’s about enabling use of the data.

Every moment your editors, colorists, and finishing teams spend waiting for content is a moment of lost creativity and profitability.

Altitude accelerates your creative workflow by leveraging the power of PixMover – the industry’s fastest media movement technology. PixMover offers several key advantages when compared to other data movement solutions:

  • Speed – fast transfers of any file type, including image sequences
  • Ease of Use – does not require highly specialized training
  • Storage Compatibility – flexible enough to be used with leading Media & Entertainment storage architectures, including:
    • Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
    • Storage Area Network (SAN)
    • S3 compatible object storage
  • Supportability – a responsive and knowledgeable remote support team
  • Cost-Effective Licensing – a reasonable business model able to accommodate rental, lease, or purchase preferences

Each Altitude server comes with the latest Pixspan PixMover software and is already configured according to the customer’s unique network environment.

The PixMover application provides:

  • Massive parallelization technology that maximizes bandwidth utilization of any Fibre Channel, Ethernet, or Internet connection
  • Bandwidth scheduling and throttling to protect impacting shared network traffic
  • An easy to use web GUI for customers who don’t want to deal with the complexities of a store-and-forward appliance like AWS Snowball
  • The ability to limit access to sensitive parts of the customer’s file system

Want to Know More?

The ALT Systems Altitude white paper explains the Altitude solution, presents test metrics that clearly show PixMover is able to move data much faster than other solutions, and outlines the cost savings and value proposition provided by this breakthrough workflow acceleration technology. And as always, you can contact the ALT Systems sales team for additional information.

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