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Cloud Media Migration

Migrating your media to the Cloud sounds like a good idea – until you discover the time and expense actually involved. Whether you’re moving media across town, or around the world, Cloud migration workflows are complex, and demand dedicated resources. No matter if you’re transferring Terabytes or Petabytes, all that media can consume your network, swamp your staff, and lead to media management headaches that will cost you time and money.

If you’re on a deadline to move media to the Cloud but can’t afford the downtime and disruption – ALT Systems has the solution.

Introducing ALT Systems Media Migration as a Service (MaaS) – the fastest way to move your media to the Cloud. Powered by Pixspan PixMover™, our media migration service frees you to concentrate on creating great content while we do the heavy lifting.

ALT Systems’ exclusive Cloud MaaS data acceleration and workflow solutions are specifically tailored for the Media & Entertainment industry, and work with all of today’s major Cloud workflows:

  • On-Premise To Private Cloud Migration
  • Uploading to AWS S3, AWS Snowball, and Wasabi
  • On Demand and Scalable Intra-Cloud Transfers
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery Data Warehousing

Pixspan LogoUltra-fast Cloud migration is made possible by Pixspan PixMover™ – the world’s fastest media movement technology. Whether you’re moving data on premise, or to, from, or within the Cloud, PixMover™ delivers up to 3x the transfer speed of Amazon‘s Command Line Interface (CLI). Add in ALT Systems Professional Services expertise to manage your migration, and it‘s clear why it’s not only the fastest way to move your media to the Cloud – it’s the easiest way!



Blazing Fast Transfers

Pixspan’s breakthrough technology accelerates media movement – with network uploads up to 3x faster than alternative methods.

Expert Orchestration

ALT Systems’ Professional Services team takes charge of your entire media migration process – from concept to completion.

Peace of Mind

Our proven Media Asset Management methodology tracks your content every step of the way so you never lose sight of how to access your content.

Key Partnerships

Our extensive network of Cloud solution partners means you can choose best of breed hosting, and take advantage of better pricing as future Cloud models evolve.

Lasting Value

Our flexible delivery options mean you can keep your media migration workflow in place to manage incremental transfers as content needs grow.

Unrivaled Experience

ALT Systems is the premiere provider of compositing, DI, networking, and storage solutions for the biggest brands in the media & entertainment industry.

Cloud Media Migration Options

ALT Systems offers three flexible Media Migration plans so you can choose an approach that fits your facility needs and budget:

Turnkey Migration as a Service - Already wearing too many hats? ALT Systems will plan and execute your media migration journey from start to finish. Get a custom-configured PixMover™ media gateway with the industry’s most advanced data acceleration technology, then let us coordinate your media migration project - making sure your valuable assets are securely transferred and reliably tracked. PixMover Customization - Want to leverage Pixspan technology but have your staff drive the actual migration? ALT Systems can provide a custom-configured PixMover™ appliance tailored to your network and optimized to your exact workflow. You get all the benefits of the world’s fastest media transfer technology, while leveraging your staff’s spare time to monitor media movement. Standalone PixMover Appliance - Already have in-house expertise conducting media migration projects? ALT Systems can provide a standalone PixMover™ system and train you to design and deploy your media migration solution. And if your plans change, our flexible support offerings provide on-demand onsite or remote assistance when you need it the most.

The Proof is in the Numbers:

Benchmark testing via a 2.5Gb/s circuit from Los Angeles to AWS West proves the power of PixMover™: sustained transfers of 2.3 Gbps – approximately one third faster than AWS CLI over the same circuit with the same media:

Graph of Pixspan Benchmark Comparison

Use Pixspan’s optional Bit Exact Round Trip™ large file compression for even faster speeds – adding more than a Petabyte of transfer capacity per month, saving even more on storage and networking:

Bit Exact Round Trip Data

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