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Scalable Data Management Platforms

ALT Systems’ exciting partnership with Seagate means we’re able to offer cutting edge flash, HDD, and hybrid RAID storage for your SAN, as well as the innovative new Lyve Cloud service – all with unparalleled value for your storage dollar.

ALT Systems is a Seagate media systems integration partner.

Seagate solutions offer the best value per Petabyte while enabling you to securely manage and control your data.

Whether you’re taking your post production to the next level, delivering finished content to end users, or archiving a masterpiece, Seagate products deliver the foundation to your private cloud:

  • Lower TCO with Maximum Value – Seagate’s maximum-density solutions optimize value with lower TCO, flexible configurations, and better cost predictability.
  • Better Control of your Data – Manage your own cloud enhanced with security flexibility to help protect your data without sacrificing performance.
  • Scale Up or Scale Out with Ease – Built for modular, petabyte-scale environments, our private cloud product portfolio offers infinite scalability and a modernized experience.

Power your business with flexible, high density configurations, providing a modernized environment with Petabyte-scale capacity and encryption flexibility for data security.


Seagate Lyve:
From Edge to Cloud and Everything in Between.

Lyve is an edge-to-cloud mass storage platform from Seagate — comprehensive hardware and software solutions built for the data-driven, distributed enterprise.

Lyve complements your existing cloud infrastructure, extending it to the edge—closer to the data source—to help you overcome the barriers of data gravity.

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Lyve: Seagate and ALT Systems introduce frictionless cloud storage at the metro edge.

Introducing a new approach to cloud storage. Lyve™ from Seagate® is simple, trusted, and efficient storage as a service.

Long-term cost predictability means you’ll never be surprised by your cloud bill. Put your data to work with always-on availability, world-class security, and cloud flexibility from the global leader in mass data storage management.

Lyve Benefits:

  • Storage Without SurprisesLyve Cloud’s simple pricing structure eliminates bill anxiety while its intuitive, user-friendly dashboard provides long-term visibility into data storage costs.
  • Stringent Security StandardsData stored in Lyve Cloud is always encrypted at rest and in flight. Enable object immutability to defend data from ransomware, corruption, or deletion.
  • Faster Time to ValueLimitless storage makes it easier for businesses to store more data while our collaboration with Equinix<sup>®</sup> provides choice of compute for S3 workloads.
  • Always On—No DelaysHighly available storage and data center infrastructure with multi-region replication supports instant data access without costly delays.

Seagate CORVAULT: A set-and-forget solution with a maximum density of up to 1.9PB.

Exos CORVAULT is an intelligent, self-healing and self-managed storage system with hands-off performance.

  • 1.9PB raw capacity.
  • Up to 14GB/s sequential read, 12GB/s sequential write and 17,680 IOPS.
  • Five-nines (99.999%) availability.
  • Autonomous Drive Regeneration reduces human intervention and e-waste by automatically renewing hard drives on the fly.

Exos X: Maximum capacity and performance with cost-optimized architecture

The Exos X Series arrays

  • Exos X 5U84 offers up to 1.51PB of data in a single 5U enclosure with throughputs reaching 7GB/s sequential read, and 5.5GB/s sequential write.
  • Exos X 2U24 is the best price/performance system in its class at 320K maximum IOPS in a hybrid configuration.
  • Exos X 2U12 entry-level cost for an all HDD configuration with up to 216TB of storage capacity in a 2U rack mount.