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Data Storage & Management Solutions for Content Creators

Spectra Logic empowers organizations to harness the power of media with scalable solutions to preserve and deliver content.

ALT Systems is a Spectra Logic Media Systems Integration partner.

With 40 years of storage and data management expertise, Spectra Logic has been delivering powerful storage solutions to help organizations optimize the value of their data and preserve it for the long term.

Today, Spectra’s broad portfolio of object storage solutions address all modern data requirements. The BlackPearl object storage platform delivers data storage and management capabilities second to none, including the storing, accessing, sharing, monetizing and preserving of your valuable data. Trusted for decades by many of the world’s most recognized organizations, Spectra provides its customers with an unprecedented object storage platform built to accelerate the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure and preserve your data for years to come.

The Spectra Object Storage Platform delivers the most versatile and scalable architecture for secure data storage, data management, access and archiving. It’s the missing piece in creating a modern data center.

The Spectra Logic BlackPearl Converged Storage System provides a cost-effective way to leverage standard storage interfaces to form a simple and affordable media storage architecture.

Spectra Logic BlackPearl can easily store media forever at virtually no cost using a tiered storage strategy that is cost effective, easy to manage and scalable to exabytes of data. With a simple RESTful Spectra S3 interface, content creators can confidently keep data for pennies per gigabyte.

BlackPearl is available in four different series depending on your media write speed requirements:

In addition, BlackPearl is available with both NAS and object storage capabilities in a single cost-effective solution providing self-protecting, flexible and affordable secondary storage for data that does not require continual backup.

StorCycle saves money because data policies ensure your media resides on the most cost-effective tier, but is still instantly accessible.

Spectra Logic StorCycle® cuts storage costs by moving less-frequently needed content to nearline or offline tiers until needed. No longer do organizations need to fully redesign their storage infrastructure to implement a storage lifecycle management software solution.

StorCycle provides flexible options to orchestrate media movement:

  • HTML and Symbolic Links or “stubs” can be left in place of the original file at the exact location where users previously accessed the media. StorCycle and BlackPearl make the media available, and editors avoid having to relink to media during editing.
  • Copy/Keep migration copies files to a perpetual storage tier such as nearline storage or LTO tape but keeps the original file on the primary storage tier for a period of time. Storage policies can then be used to delete the original file if the content has not been accessed within a certain period of time.
  • A traditional archive workflow will migrate media from the original location to spinning disk nearline or LTO tape tier. With this method, StorCycle’s intuitive web interface allows users to restore data when needed.

StorCycle helps preserve data for long-term storage and future monetization – as well as providing a high degree of cyber-attack preparedness.

The Spectra Logic line of LTO archive libraries provides a cost-effective perpetual storage tier for your media.

The Spectra tape library family delivers the industry’s best combination of capacity, performance, scalability, reliability, support and affordability.

Spectra Logic has been focused on innovation in storage systems and solutions for 40 years. Spectra launched its first tape library in 1995, and since that time, has built the most rugged, reliable tape systems in the industry. Today, Spectra delivers a portfolio of tape solutions that are second to none in meeting the needs of global organizations—from small to midsize establishments, to large Fortune 50 corporations and government entities. Trusted for decades by many of the world’s most recognized organizations, Spectra libraries protect and preserve a vast amount of the world’s data.

Spectra TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library

Spectra TFinity ExaScale Tape Library delivers unsurpassed storage density packaged in the smallest footprint of any enterprise library on the market. Deployed by some of the most recognized organizations in the world, the Spectra TFinity provides maximum flexibility by allowing users to select the tape technology that best fits their business needs, including LTO, IBM’s TS11X0 and Oracle’s T10000x tape technology. With dual robotics for efficient operations, each Spectra TFinity provides customers with performance, reliability and the ultimate in data protection at a lower price point.

Spectra® T950 Tape Library

Spectra T950 Tape Library is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the enterprise for data integrity, data security and high reliability. The Spectra T950 provides maximum flexibility enabling users to choose the tape technology that works for their unique environment, whether LTO or IBM’s TS tape technology. Built to grow as requirements evolve, the T950 allows users to start with a single frame and seamlessly expand to eight frames for unsurpassed data protection.

Spectra® T950v Tape Library

Value Storage without Compromise Based on the Spectra® T950 Tape Library, Spectra’s workhorse for medium capacity library applications, the T950v tape library is a redesign focused on increased value through significant cost reduction. By removing add-ons originally designed for high performance computing and multi-hundred petabyte data centers, the Spectra T950v Tape Library is an ideal fit for General IT and mid-level Media and Entertainment markets. We’ve also added new features such as support for lower cost, half height drives which can save customers tens of thousands of dollars per installation. The T950v provides all the same enterprise grade features, reliability and capacity but with a new entry level price point. The full 8-frame T950v can store up to 180PB of data or content (450PB compressed) and when fully populated with 120 tape drives, offers an impressive transfer rate of up to 172TB/hr. (432TB/hr. compressed) using LTO-9 tape technology.

The Spectra T950v provides maximum flexibility by allowing you to populate your library with LTO tape technology or IBM® TS11XX Enterprise Tape Technology, enabling you to choose the technology that is perfect for your business.

Spectra® T680 Tape Library

The exceptionally high-performance Spectra T680 Tape Library will meet your backup, archive and deep storage requirements. Designed to be easy to use and manage, it won’t let you down in the most demanding environments. Scalable from 50 to 670 LTO slots, you can store up to 12 PB (30PB compressed) of data. With up to 12 LTO drives you can transfer data up to 17.3 TB/hr. (43TB/hr. compressed) using LTO-9 tape technology.

Spectra® T380 Tape Library

The exceptionally high-performance Spectra T380 Tape Library will meet your backup, archive and deep storage requirements. Designed to be easy to use and manage, it won’t let you down in the most demanding environments. Scalable from 50 to 380 LTO slots, you can store up to 6.8PB (17PB compressed) of data in a single library. Scale to 12 LTO drives with the ability to transfer data up to 17.3 TB/hr. (43TB/hr. compressed) using LTO-9 tape technology.

The Spectra T380 Tape Library provides maximum flexibility by supporting LTO tape technology and IBM® TX11X0 Tape technology, enabling you to select the tape technology that is the perfect fit for your business.

Spectra® Stack Tape Library

Built with maximum flexibility at its core, the Spectra Stack Tape Library meets backup, archive and perpetual storage requirements. Designed to be easily installed, expanded and managed, the Spectra Stack is rated at a 100% duty cycle – meaning it is one of the only stackable libraries built to perform in a 24/7 environment. Spectra Stack offers the ultimate in scalability, delivering affordable, expandable and secure data protection that grows as your organization grows.

Spectra® Certified Media

Spectra makes tape pain-free through Spectra Certified Media. From manufacturer selection to packaging and customer shipment, every step of the Spectra Certified Media manufacturing process is designed to ensure you have the most reliable and automated tape storage available. No other supplier places as much emphasis on continual enhancements and features that simplify all aspects of the media management process.

Media quality is at the core of efficient, pain-free tape storage. All tape is not the same. Only the highest quality media available on the market becomes Spectra Certified Media. This ensures you have the most reliable and worry-free data protection possible.

Spectra’s offers certified media with CarbideClean® for both LTO and TS11XX media, ensuring that your media is debris-free to allow your system to run at peak performance. CarbideClean is a unique Spectra enhancement that extends the life of your tape drives and enhances the performance and capacity of your tapes.