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Intelligent Data Management and Archiving

The largest enterprises choose StrongBox Data to reduce costs and protect & simplify data management.

ALT Systems is a StrongBox media systems integration partner.

StrongBox provides cross-platform data management with policy-based storage resource management tools.

The growth of unstructured data is inevitable. The problem is that as data grows, so do storage costs. The result is IT organizations must manage data across multi-vendor storage silos more than ever before.

StrongBox delivers advanced metadata-driven data management across flash, disk, cloud, and tape storage at any scale:

  • StrongLink – StrongLink is designed to simplify management of data across otherwise incompatible multi-vendor storage silos.
  • StrongLink LTFS – An optional module that provides automated support for tape libraries from any vendor.
  • StrongLink Galaxy – Link Multiple Data Centers With Bi-Directional Replication For Data Protection And Collaboration
Product Spotlight:

StrongLink Version 3.2

StrongLink 3.2 offers bi-directional, multi-site replication for disaster recovery, collaboration, data protection, and more, ensuring your data is secure, protected, and easily accessible wherever it’s located.
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