Pixspan Announces PixMover Version 4.7.0

PixMover and the ALT Systems Altitude server give you the power to move media faster than ever before.

The latest release of PixMover software is now available, Version 4.7.0 has some great new features for file-based media, including:

  • Support for Backblaze Cloud Storage
  • Throughput display on Job Card (also displays parts progress for multipart files)
  • JPEG-2000 Support for 150 year Archive workflows (e.g. DPX -> PixspanContainerWithJ2KLossless -> wait 150 years -> DPX)
  • Job permissions for individual users are individually selectable
  • Added new AWS regions (Milan, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Osaka, Cape Town)
  • Added new Wasabi regions (Texas, US East-2)
  • Fill/Clear options for BW Profiles (UI convenience)
  • Optimized the counting of files/folders in S3 and Blob (for directories with lots of sub-directories, it’s a >100X time improvement)
  • Several small cleanup items.

PixMover is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms and accelerates media migration to, from, and within the following cloud solutions:

  • AWS
  • Wasabi
  • Backblaze
  • Private S3 Storage (including Snowball and Wasabi Ball)
  • Azure Container/Blob Storage (including Azure Data Box)

The Pixspan PXZ format is supported natively in the following creative applications:

  • Autodesk Flame Family (Flame, Flame Assist, Flare, Smoke, and Lustre)
  • Filmlight Baselight
  • Colorfront Transkoder

Contact ALT Systems to learn how you can take advantage of PixMover and the innovative Altitude data movement server.

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