Announcing Stellus Technologies Partnership with ALT Systems

Stellus Technologies

Stellus Technologies has partnered with ALT Systems, powered by Cutting Edge workflows to provide the game-changing Stellus storage platform for the media & entertainment industry.

ALT Systems’ CTO Sig Knapstad was an honored guest at the exclusive debut of Stellus Technologies’ game-changing media and entertainment storage solution. We’re thrilled to represent Stellus to our Media & Entertainment customers – offering massive throughput to efficiently scale through modern data access challenges.

Check out the video explaining the Stellus advantage below:

About Stellus Technologies

The Stellus Data Platform sets a new standard for media storage performance, empowering M&E companies to support more workloads, more simultaneous playback streams, and faster render times. Unlike architectures that waste resources on tasks irrelevant to modern storage, Stellus Data Platform is an entirely new file system, built from the ground up for unstructured data and solid-state media. 

To learn more, visit: Stellus Technologies

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